Anti-war community Brings Together Russians who Recently Came to Serbia

The "Progressive Serbia" telegram channel is run by an activist from Novi Sad

"Politics and life in Serbia. Anti-war community. A territory without Russian fascism" — this is how the author himself described the main principles of his telegram channel. But in addition to a purely political agenda, announcements of new events and discussion of news, there are announcements of current humanitarian gatherings to help Ukrainian refugees, cultural events and reflections on the daily life of a recent emigrant.

The channel has a chat room where communication is active:

"Example of an answer to a question from the chat room: Why do I think one should not participate in entertainment in Russia, but in Serbia, for example, it is not a problem ?


1. Taking part in any public entertainment in Russia (i.e. commercial events, this does not include protest concerts, exhibitions, etc.), inside a fascist state is a way tonormalize the situation, to normalize the War. It should be avoided.

2. Paying for services, as paying any business in the Russian Federation — helps the economy. Your taxes (VAT and others) go to finance the war.

Other countries are already peaceful. There is nothing to be normalized.

After work, you: just go out and soak up the local culture. You get to know your local community. You tell them why you immigrated, why War is the worst thing that man ever invented."

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