Tickets to the Estonian, Latvian or Polish Border for Evacuated Ukrainians

Since the start of the war, the Ticket Fund has already bought more than 6,000 tickets for Ukrainians who did not want to stay in Russia, but the flow of those wishing to do so has not decreased

Many Ukrainians who were evacuated from combat zones have ended up in Russia. These people had no choice where to go — the corridors were open only in one direction. They either had to stay in basements under fire, or get on the buses offered, which took them first to filtration centres, then to temporary accommodation centres all over the country, from Tikhvin to Khabarovsk. Many do not want to stay in Russia, but cannot leave on their own. Volunteers help them. There are many elderly, sick people, many families with children and animals among the "Ticket Fund"'s beneficiaries.

"We have no offices, no salaries or any other organisational costs. All the money collected goes towards tickets. We keep all electronic receipts, we can account for them. We look at passports and migration documents, we help, advise and recruit volunteers. We understand that all of us (Russians) need to take part in these activities to distance ourselves from what our authorities are doing to the neighboring country. The average price of a ticket is 3-4 thousand rubles (in an ordinary train), and children under 5 years of age travel free of charge.

The flow of those in need of help does not dry up, and this help is only possible through donations.

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