Anti-War and Democracy-Minded Communities of Russians will Come Together to Exchange Experiences and Develop Common Strategies

On July 3-4, the First Congress of Diasporas of Russian Peoples and Communities in Europe will take place in Prague
Who is the Organizer
The Prague Russian Anti-War Committee

The Prague Russian Anti-War Committee will organise a convention of representatives of diaspora organisations and communities of the peoples living on the territory of the Russian Federation today, representatives of communities of Russians living in different countries of Europe, representatives of professional societies and sustainable alumni communities which are represented in the countries of Europe.

People from fourteen countries, representing twenty different groups and organisations have already confirmed their arrival in Prague. Renowned Russian civic activists and experts will take part in the convention: Karinna Moskalenko, Olga Romanova, Evgenia Chirikova, Vladimir Milov, Alexander Morozov, Ivan Preobrazhensky and others. The EU will be represented by former Prime Minister of Lithuania  and a Member of the European Parliament Andrius Kubilius, and Russia experts from Germany, Poland, and the Czech Republic. Online interventions by opposition activists from Russia are also envisaged.

"We propose not to look for new leaders, not to build another vertical, but to rely on living communities, which already exist and are engaged in concrete activities in different countries, sharing experiences and picking up best practices... During the Convention, we will learn from each other's experiences, discuss best practices, and initiate a discussion process about what diaspora institutions should be — media, education and science, culture and economic development.

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