Alternative Civilian Service Instead of War

Lawyers help conscripts defend their right to refuse military service
A coalition of lawyers and experts of Russian human rights organizations calls
for conscientious objection to military service and is ready to provide legal and
informational support in case of forced conscription.

The project's Telegram channel answers subscribers's questions and publishes
instructions and reminders on how to proceed if you are drafted and want to
claim your right to alternative civilian service:

— Instructions: "How can a student challenge being sent to the army in court?";

— Memo: "How to resist being drafted in a raid";

— "Serving as a pastor in a Christian Protestant church. Age 37. I've had a sheet
added to my military ID that I'm a 'priority parcel officer'. They said to wait for a
call from the military recruitment office. What does this mean?";

With all specific questions, project’s lawyers urge users to contact the telegram-
bot hotline.

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