Activists Made a Bot that Talks to People about the War in Ukraine

The launch of Pravdobot to a wider audience will take place on 11 July, but in the meantime the creators are asking for help to test the product

"We are convinced that people in Russia are not stupid, they just don't know the whole truth yet. As it turns out, most Russians aren't very good at changing friends and relatives' minds: we don't have all the arguments at hand, we are not an authority on our acquaintances, we get angry and lose our temper."

The bot has more complete information than a single person, is not subject to mood swings, and is willing to answer all questions. The creators ask for help with testing the bot and sending any bugs or suggestions to the bot's dedicated channel.

It will be useful to pass the bot twice, once by answering questions honestly, from yourself, and the second time trying to imagine the way a friend or relative would answer, someone with whom you have argued about the Ukraine, but haven’t been able to change their mind.

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