Adapting Teenagers to Life in Israel

Starting in March 2022, Wilderness Walks will bring together children and teenagers aged 12 to 20 who came to Israel because of the war in Ukraine, and some of the old-timers
"The essence of the project is to help its participants make life in the new country full, meaningful, vibrant. Moreover, this applies both to the guys and to the presenters, many of whom are also emigrants. This is called adaptation. Adaptation requires many things: new friends, new favourite places, some cool activities, an understanding of how things work in this country, and most importantly, what prospects there are here in general. That is what we work with. We are all the "absentees", the presenters, the parents. It's a collaborative, equal work. Two kids came to the first meeting in March 2022. Now the project has grown, with hundreds of teenagers and dozens of volunteers. All as one are cool and legendary, believing in inclusion, free-thinking, personal boundaries, the power of community and the uniqueness of the individual, the right to make mistakes, the ability to take and do instead of being a bystander."

Announcements of events can always be seen in the Telegram channel, after which you just have to choose the event you are interested in and come, having obtained parental consent. Parents have their own secret chat room, which has created a strong supportive community of over a hundred people.

All the events are free of charge for the participants and the project needs a lot of help — financially and as volunteers — in order to maintain and develop it.

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