On 26-27 November, an independent festival of Russian-language drama will take place

During the last weekend of November, Les Récollets centre will be the venue for the "Echoes of Lubimovka in Paris" festival

The festival will include readings of selected plays from the short-list and the 2022 Lubimovka out-of-competition programme, as well as performances, installations and digital works.

On the first day of the festival, with the support of Russie-Libertés and the organisation Atelier des artistes en exil, the exhibition #Skazhivoyna (#Saywar) will open, showcasing the work of Russian artists who oppose the war in Ukraine.

"Artistic resistance started in Russia at the beginning of the war. From Moscow, the Urals and Siberia, artists are voicing their opposition to the war in Ukraine. To make their voices heard, they claim Russia's ethnic diversity and use different strategies to spread their messages."

Some of the artists represented have been able to emigrate, while others are still in a censored space and at risk of personal safety.

It is a rare initiative to see the resistance of these artists and make their voices heard by the public in France. The organisers of the exhibition want to support them not only informationally, everyone is welcome to make a donation, all money will go directly to the artists.

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