Protests are coming

Recently I`ve seen one of posts on the site of russian independent media Meduza.

“Alexey Navalny calls on his supporters to take to the streets as his team announces protests on Source: Navalny Live

After being remanded in custody for 30 days pending trial, Russian opposition figure Alexey Navalny has released a video message on his popular YouTube channel “Navalny Live,” calling on his supporters to take to the streets.

Navalny’s message: “Don’t be afraid, take to the streets”

What are these bunker thieves afraid of? You yourself know very well. People taking to the streets. So this is the thing, the political factor that can’t be ignored. It itself is the main thing, the most important thing. This is the essence of politics. So don’t be afraid — take to the streets. Go out not for me, but for yourself, for your future.”

The head of Navalny’s regional network, Leonid Volkov, also announced on Twitter that his team “are beginning preparations immediately for large rallies across the country on January 23” (this coming Saturday).“Navalny’s headquarters across the country are beginning preparations immediately for large rallies across the country on January 23, without waiting for a new trial. Alexey Navalny should be released immediately.”

Navalny was remanded custody at the request of Russia’s Federal Penitentiary Service, which is seeking to revoke his probation in Yves Rocher case and incarcerate him under a reinstated sentence on the grounds that he evaded the oversight of the corrective services.

Navalny flew home to Moscow from Berlin on Sunday, January 17, after spending five months in Germany recovering from chemical nerve agent poisoning. Police detained the opposition figure after he landed at Sheremetyevo International Airport and took him to a police station in Khimki, where his remand hearing was held the next day.”

So, what is going to happen? Is it going to be a real thing and people will go outside to protect their leader, or not? Let me share some thoughts of mine.

The thing is that there’s a really dangerous situation here. Navalny may be quite radical sometimes, as all the people are. But he has operated only with lawful instruments during his political career. And it is really strange that people from Kremlin made such a stupid mistake to arrest the leader of Russian opposition now. He actually proved himself as a real leader by suffering the assassination attempt. A lot of people who are not really loyal to Putin’s regime felt contempt about him. But Russian culture is quite tough sometimes and illogical. Here suffering sometimes proves your right to be “higher” in other people’s eyes much more effectively rather than being successful. And now such opened act against the person who has become the spark of hope for change for millions of people can cause really a lot of trouble. Why couldn’t they just let him be and continue to falsify the news and all kinds of elections?

In my point of view, they have belief that there’s no need to take into account the methods and process, they care only about the result. The only thing Putin cares about is the question about how to continue to hold the power in Russia. In the recent 20 years we had an opportunity to understand that all autocratic instruments that were used here have already been used by Alexander Lukashenko in Belarus. Another size, another features, but the concept is always the same. Law – enforcement policy, fighting political competitors, even changing the Constitution of the country, everything is copied from a bloody autocratic tyranny of Belarus. So, I don’t really like forecasts, and it is the situation when you think about something, and you don’t want to be right, but it seems to me that we’re going to see the same bloody violence on the streets of Russia that we had an opportunity to see last year on the streets of Minsk and other cities of Belarus. And the consequences are going the same – the third part of the land of our beautiful planet Earth is going to burn in a chaos because one mad old man wants to hold his autocratic power whatever it takes.

I will be really happy if the future proves that I’m wrong.

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