I got sick with COVID-19

Yes, I got the coronavirus. And I have already managed to recover. I used to write articles on a regular basis, but for the last three weeks I have not felt well at all, so I tried to write as before, but it did not always come out on a daily basis. Now I will not place a strong emphasis on exactly my feelings, symptoms, and treatment, but will pay more attention to the context of the entire situation in my country and how it affects ordinary people like me. This is my personal story.

Now I have to help my grandmother with a rehabilitation period after a serious knee surgery. She cannot walk, so I have to be a nurse for her. Fortunately, she is on the mend and after the New Year’s weekend I can leave her, and she can take care of herself entirely. I note right away that I do not violate the self-isolation regime, I wear a mask and gloves in public places, I do not leave the house unnecessarily, because I am aware of the risk that even if I get over COVID-19, my grandmother does not have strong immunity. But all my efforts were in vain, because COVID-19 came to my family from a Russian hospital.
At the end of November, due to metal implants in her leg, my grandmother needed to spend some time in purulent surgery. During the time she lay there, a woman dies in her room. Doctors diagnose her with respiratory failure. I wrote in this article that Russian doctors are forced to declare other diagnoses as the cause of death of a patient, even if the death was apparently from COVID-19. This is done in order to fictitiously create the very wonderful false statistics on the deaths of coronavirus in Russia.
Fortunately, her treatment went well and when I took her home, I took up my duties as a nurse again. However, I was very worried that my grandmother had a very strong cough and high body temperature. From the very beginning I was sure that the woman did not die from respiratory failure at all, but from COVID-19, and now it came to my house with my grandmother.
The symptoms appeared in a week, I began to feel confusion, fatigue, severe pain in all muscles throughout my body, smells, taste and appetite disappeared. I immediately realized that it was a COVID-19, and called my friend. His father communicates well with the chief physician of the local district hospital. He told him that all the announced statistics in our city are total lies. Epidemic reigns in our city. Hospitals everywhere are experiencing shortages of medicines, oxygen, ventilators and oxygen. There are not enough doctors either. The entire city is suffering from an epidemic. In addition to this information, my friend told about his colleague who lives near the city morgue. He talked about how queues of cars are formed at the city morgue. “There’s a whole conveyor belt of dead people,” he said. These are clearly not the words that people usually want to hear to maintain morale. But this is our reality, we live in it.
A few days later, I started to suffer from severe pharyngitis, I could not eat, swallow, or drink, could not sleep because of pain, and rashes appeared all over my mouth, which made it look like a shelter of an alien. Combined with the other symptoms above, it looked more like some kind of torture. According to the Constitution of Russian Federation, we have free public healthcare. However, the authorities take care only of themselves, they don’t care about the health of citizens at all. I contacted a doctor I knew at a public hospital. She told me that I simply could not get to the doctors, they did not have time, and I would have to solve the problem myself. I went to a commercial medical center, underwent a medical examination and prescribed medications. The doctor who helped me fight pharyngitis told me about one life hack – if you feel muscle pain in combination with other symptoms inherent in a cold or flu, then this is definitely a viral infection. And it is possible that it is coronavirus.

I put my trust in commercial medicine, and thanks to this I was able to overcome the disease. It took me three weeks. The tests came to me yesterday. The PCR test is negative, which means that I am no longer a carrier of coronavirus. Both immunoglobulin M and immunoglobulin G were found. This means that the acute phase has passed and antibodies of long-term immunity are being formed. But we have millions of people who are sick. My expenses for all the time on examinations, tests and medications easily exceeded the mark of 10 thousand rubles, despite the fact that I was not ill with a severe form, and I am a young guy without chronic diseases and with fairly good immunity. For you to understand, this amount is the size of the old-age pension in my region. What about retirees and the poor? Are we throwing them to the slaughter? This is the real reason for the colossal population decline this year.
But that’s me. I have a rather skeptical attitude towards everything that our state and civil servants do and say. This allowed me to immediately understand the seriousness of the situation, to understand that a roommate in my grandmother’s hospital did not die of respiratory failure. It made it possible to understand that one should not rely on public medicine and in time to apply for proper treatment at a commercial medical center. But we have a huge share of the people who believe in television propaganda. The same television propaganda that, at the very beginning of the pandemic, assured the citizens of the Russian Federation that the coronavirus was not at all scary, it is no more dangerous than a cold or flu. And people didn’t wear masks and gloves. The very propaganda that, in order for Vladimir Putin to adopt his amendments to the Constitution, which allow him to receive life-long immunity and rule the criminal regime in the country for life, told us back in the summer that the pandemic was over. And we got what we have – queues at the morgue.
What happened to these people? Let’s look at the story of a relative of my friend. Her name is Svetlana. She, like millions of Russians during this pandemic, understood on herself all the lies and irresponsibility of the Russian state. On TV, propaganda says that everything is fine with us, hospitals are working, there are places, there are medicines, and our country is coping with the pandemic better than anyone else in the world. She believed it. And when she got sick, she hoped that she could just call an ambulance, and they would come and help her. But here’s the bad luck. An ambulance at the moment in my city comes to the caller only two days later. Ambulance. Two days. That is, people who need urgent help not even because of COVID-19 simply cannot get it. Svetlana waited two days, but they never came to her. She asked her friend to help her to come to the hospital herself. She helped her. But the percentage of damage by that time exceeded 80% of the lungs. It is obvious that she needed urgent help all this time. She did not receive it, like many of the “conveyor belt of dead people” at the city morgue.

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