Underpants sparked protests in Russia

No, this is not a clickbait headline. I wrote today about Alexei Navalny’s call to a man who was in the team of his poisoners. From the conversation it became clear that this man was responsible for cleaning up the crimes of the team of poisoners of the FSB of Russia. The fact is that the fate of the clothes of the main oppositionist in Russia is still an important issue. All the clothes he wore during the poisoning were actually confiscated from Navalny. It was clear to everyone that this was done in order to hide the traces of the Novichok poison. During a telephone conversation, an FSB representative said that the most dangerous in terms of storing traces of poisoning from all of Alexei Navalny’s clothes were underpants, and that he washed them and treated them with solutions to hide traces of poison. There are two versions here. First: FSB officers get access to Navalny’s hotel room (this is very easy for them in Russia), and they put the poison (or one of its constituent parts) on underpants. Second: traces of poison could simply be excreted along with urine, so underpants could retain evidence of the use of chemical weapons for political purposes.

After that, a folk art marathon began in Russia. Someone made memes, someone made a new FSB emblem with underpants in Photoshop.

The “underpants” tag is currently one of the most popular tags on Russian Twitter

But somewhere it didn’t stop there. An action in support of the politician Alexei Navalny began in St. Petersburg. One of the activists wrote poems about the poisoning of Navalny, another handed out panties to everyone. According to the Bumaga correspondent, about 50 people gathered on Nevsky, including journalists.

How do you like Russian Watergate?

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