Navalny calls his poisoner

More than 17 million people have already watched Navalny’s investigation into his poisoning and evidence of the FSB’s involvement in this case. It led to such a crazy public outcry that during his press conference, Vladimir Putin could not ignore the topic and made the expected comment. We have heard the usual lie that the investigation is not true, but the legalization of information received from the CIA and other Western intelligence services. He said the same about a recent investigation by journalists about how his son-in-law became the youngest billionaire in Russia through corruption. In response, Alexei Navalny and his team decided to try to talk to the “poisoning team” in person. They refused to talk to them, one person was arrested, but Alexei’s call to the FSB representative made a splash throughout the country. During the day, it gained more than 13 million views, and on it the FSB officer actually admits to the poisoning, according to the conversation. The video is already with English subtitles. So I’ll just leave it here!


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