Entire family died from the coronavirus


In St. Petersburg, an entire family died from the coronavirus in four days: a father of 64, a mother of 61 and their 36-year-old daughter. The young woman was 32 weeks pregnant. The child she was carrying was rescued by doctors at the Botkin Hospital when the mother was connected to a ventilator. Officially, the baby has no relatives in St. Petersburg. But two applications were submitted to the authorities from those who are wishing to adopt the boy, who remained the only heir of the deceased relatives. Now the fate of baby Kirey depends on a DNA test.
36-year-old Svetlana was expecting a child. The father of the child did not participate in this story from the very beginning of pregnancy. But Svetlana decided that she would cope on her own, and her parents supported her.
On November 5, trouble came – Svetlana’s 64-year-old father died from the coronavirus. “My daddy … you were the best, kindest man in this world! I will love you forever! You didn’t have enough to see your grandson! ” – she posted. Three days later, on November 8, the woman died in the Botkin hospital on a ventilator. The day of Svetlana’s death became the birthday of her son. Mom managed to give the child a name – Kirey, in honor of his grandfather. Kirey’s grandmother, Svetlana’s mother, died four days later in another hospital.
The birth certificate for the baby Kirey – weight 2 kilograms, height 49 centimeters – was issued at the Botkin hospital. His case was taken up by the guardianship authorities at once in two municipalities of St. Petersburg – at the location and by registration.
Svetlana and her parents were buried 1300 kilometers from St. Petersburg, in a republic where 30 million roses are grown every year. The elder brother of Svetlana’s father came from a small village of 600 inhabitants and took the dead to their small homeland.
Relatives from the Volga region want to take Kirey to themselves – Svetlana’s cousin, Larisa, who has three children of her, is ready to accept him into her family. She has already applied for custody. Larisa told what happened in St. Petersburg.
“Svetlana’s dad was in the hospital, he underwent heart surgery. Probably, Sveta and her mother went to visit, and there they caught the virus, – said Larisa. – Because when her dad was taken (home) on October 28, he had a fever on the second day. Sveta’s mom, Aunt Vera, called a doctor for herself and her dad. They took Svetlana’s dad in an ambulance, but they didn’t even look at mom. Uncle was in the Pokrovskaya clinic. Sveta was at first in the hospital, and then, when her COVID-19 was confirmed, she was admitted to Botkin’s infectious diseases’ hospital. It seems to have happened on November 1st. She had a temperature of 37, and then she got worse and worse. I asked her: “What are you being treated with?” She said: “They give some kind of cough powder and that’s it.” When her mother, Aunt Vera, finally had a CT scan, she was told to go to the hospital urgently because she had 60% of her lungs affected. She did not even hesitate to say: “Take it.” And when they brought her, there were no places. She was told: “Lie on the floor in the corridor.” It was November 2, a hospital on Avangardnaya, something like that. Aunt Vera died on November 12th. “
Officially, in St. Petersburg, only one case of death from coronavirus of a pregnant woman was recorded: on May 21, a 34-year-old citizen of a foreign state died in Botkin at a late date, the child did not survive. However, sources in the medical field claim that during the epidemic in the city, at least four pregnant women died from the coronavirus, in two cases the children were saved. One of these babies is Kirei.
But in the near future, the middle name of a boy born on ventilator may change. As Anna Mityanina, the ombudsperson for the rights of children in St. Petersburg, told Fontanka, a week ago a young man M. appeared, who claims to be the biological dad of Kirey A. He filed an application to the court to establish paternity. “A genetic examination will be appointed, which will be done within a week. M. is likely to do it at his own expense. If the examination confirms his words in court, then the decision on establishing biological paternity can be made quite soon. “
The boy’s mother’s cousin, Larisa, told Fontanka that no one in the family had ever heard of M., they only know that this man worked with Svetlana in dentistry. “Sveta generally said that he was not the father of the child,” said Larisa. – We will wait for the result of the DNA analysis. And there the court will decide. “
The newborn Kirei A., who lost his grandfather, mother and grandmother in a matter of days, is the heir to two apartments in St. Petersburg. The court will have to investigate all the circumstances related to M. if the man can prove paternity. It is impossible to deny him the right to DNA analysis, as well as a cousin – to see the boy if he is handed over to dad.
“A child has the right to know his biological parents. Even if a woman is married, and a man claims that he can be the father of her children, ” says Svetlana Savinova, a St. Petersburg lawyer, president of the Axiom Bar Association. – If M. was in a relationship with the deceased, he has the right to prove paternity through the court. This can be done in a number of ways. DNA examination is one of them. Also, M. can bring witnesses to the court who will confirm the fact of the relationship, tell where and how he met with the deceased. The court will examine all the circumstances related to the father. The prosecutor’s office may act in the interests of the child. In any case, the owner of the property will be the child, not his father. Apartments cannot be sold, only rented out and monitored by paying utility bills. M. cannot be refused only on the grounds that he did not communicate with the child’s mother during pregnancy. Often men, divorcing their wives, do not communicate with their children for years. But, if the mother dies, the father takes the son or daughter, whom he has not seen for several years. We must proceed from the interests of the child. And it is in the interests of the child to have a father. “

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