COVID-19 crisis: Russian Vaccine

The first Russian coronavirus vaccine was registered in August. Is this a reason for pride or another imaginary victory of our propaganda? I thought about this after I heard a woman talking on the phone while crossing the road on my way to the supermarket. She is obviously a doctor and has discussed the vaccine with a colleague. She spoke very negatively about the Russian vaccine and said that they [apparently, the management of the hospital in which she works, could not make out exactly from the conversation] should shove this vaccine into their intimate places, and not give it to patients. An extremely harsh commentary on what the Russian media believe is the pride of the Russian state. In order to understand this, I would like to tell you what is the culture of the “face”.
I have lived and worked in Asia for a while and there such a thing as “face” culture is quite common. The culture of the “face” implies a special attitude to what others think of you. Social status, respect among colleagues, relatives, neighbors and in general among those who know you are often a much more valuable asset than material well-being. In Russia, we also have it. And sometimes it reaches the point of absurdity, because sometimes it looks like a person boasts that he has a Lamborghini, although he has neither a car, nor a garage, he drives an old and sick donkey, and next to the Lamborghini, he just took a picture. We can hear the same from our government authorities. I can easily find really monstrous examples of it. So, during the Chernobyl tragedy, which affected hundreds of thousands of people, the Soviet leadership decided to hold a parade in Kiev, despite the increased radiation background. This was done only to demonstrate to the population and the world that everything is fine, there are no and cannot be any problems in the Soviet nuclear power industry. What did this lead to? Watch the HBO series “Chernobyl”, it is described there quite vividly.
So how can we check the effectiveness of a Russian vaccine when we have unfinished trials and only assurances from the manufacturers that it is more than 90% effective? We have not had any complete government or any complete independent research on this matter.

How do you decide whether to buy something when in doubt? You look for product reviews. So let’s evaluate the reviews of ordinary people. We use the resource – one of the most popular resources available to the Russian consumer. There are comments of ordinary users and volunteers.

The users of the vaccine themselves rate its quality at only 68% according to the cumulative rating given by those who wrote these reviews. People talk about the absence of antibodies to coronavirus or not knowing about their presence in many cases. However, even those users who talk about the effectiveness of the vaccine report severe consequences.
So, I decided to translate for you the comments of ordinary Russian users.
User sergejj: “In my case, I started to freeze at night, the temperature rose sharply to 38 degrees, my head hurt, the next day my eyes began to hurt, and the temperature dropped by 37.5 degrees, and began to lose my sense of smell, there was no sense of smell for 5 days, but taste senses were present. I didn’t smell anything at all, I smelled cologne, it was odorless at all. A recommendation for those who are sick or ill, do not smell burning agents, such as vinegar, you will not smell but you will burn the mucous membrane.
I wanted to have a blood test for COVID-19, because everything is overcrowded there, and tests are not accepted. Doctors simply do not have time to do the analysis, everything is clogged.

I was treated with simple antigripine drugs, the disease began to recede, some slight malaise remained, but I think this will all go away. So I don’t know if I had COVID-19 or not, but how many times I got sick, I never lost my sense of smell.
About this new vaccine, I would postpone! “

User Gavit: “Why (according to the information sheet signed by each participant in the study) of the EFFECTIVENESS, IMMUNOGENICITY AND SAFETY of the combined vector vaccine Gam-COVID-Vac, a venous blood sample for the determination of IgM and IgG antibodies is taken only before the first vaccine administration (!?), then, throughout the study (180) days, the blood for antibodies is not tested again (!). How then, on the basis of what indicators will a conclusion be made about the effectiveness and immunogenicity of the vaccine, only from the participant’s words about a good condition? “
User Ooleeg: “Severe complications. Ability to work is lost for 2 weeks, but there are no antibodies.
After vaccination, I felt like I had had a severe form of flu: fever, headache, aching joints, etc. Plus, still incomprehensible pain on the left side back to the front of the abdomen! As a result, I was lying for 2 weeks and knocking down the temperature! As a result, I was tested for antibodies – there were not! I wrote letters to the Gamaleya Institute – they don’t give a damn about giving answers!”
User Volunteer 123: “No antibodies. The risk of not receiving the vaccine on time.
On September 23rd, together with my wife, I injected the vaccine injection No. 1. I had no feelings. My wife has a slight weakness the next day and a temperature of 37.5. But the most interesting thing is that we don’t have antibodies. They were tested on 10,15,18 days, qualitative and quantitative tests, on 19 and 21 – only quantitative. Today we had the 2nd injection. There were no sensations. My wife has pain in the place of vaccination. Complete absence of antibodies. There are two options: 1) Placebo 2) The vaccine does not work. The downside is that no one says what we were injected. And now I won’t be able to get vaccinated for six months. Anyone has any advice? “
User Nosferatu131: “There are a lot of side effects
They gave me my first vaccination on 11/19/2020 at 11:00. At 19:00 the temperature rose to 37.5 and by 00:10 it was over 38.5. With the rise in temperature, I’ve started to feel the pain in the arm! Today, the second day after the vaccination, the temperature floats from 38 to 36.9. It feels like the hand sometimes goes numb “
User Adrian M: “I did the first vaccine on September 27, there were no side effects, only a slight pain at the injection site, the second was done on October 18, on the 3rd day after vaccination the temperature rose and a severe cough began, muscle aches, weakness, on the 5th day the cough went away, the temperature also kept 37.2 – 37.5, but unexpectedly for me the sense of smell disappeared, I did not feel even ammonia, on the 7th day my health and temperature returned to normal, but there is no sense of smell, and on the 10th day it is not, I sit here and I think this is such a strong side effect or is that a coronavirus? “
User Anonymous 3515925: “Hard to bear.
Good afternoon. As the paramedic did both doses of Spuntik V. I have not tested for antibodies yet. After both injections, the temperature increased to 39 during the day. On the 2nd day I slept, but my condition was absolutely disability. After the 1st vaccination I took sick leave, after the 2nd I asked for 2 days off.”

Let’s face it, the reviews are mixed. 68% quality is not so bad when it comes to fighting an epidemic that threatens all of humanity. But let’s think about who is at risk, people with weakened immune systems – old people or people suffering from chronic diseases. It seems to me that the vaccine should be comfortable for them. So can we say that this vaccine had to be registered and released into circulation so early? Will a person at risk withstand the side effects, and what are these side effects? I am entirely in favor of the person retaining the right to choose in any situation and the consumer must decide for himself whether he will take risks or not. But the situation is compounded by the fact that we have much more data to raise doubts about the vaccine, rather than confidence in it. Therefore, doctors cannot be forced to take it. And in Russia, doctors are forced to do this. Therefore, it is impossible to give news about the effectiveness and safety of this vaccine through the news through television, which is exactly what the same risk group is watching – elderly people and patients with chronic diseases. You can’t give people disinformation or not full information about such things, just because your state has a “face culture”.

Take care!

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