The real support of Putin’s party

Dmitry Nizovtsev

Vladimir Putin is on the position of the head of state of a super presidential republic. But we also have legislative bodies. This means that there must be a party that would represent the current regime. Such a party is United Russia. They have a parliamentary majority and are one of the main pillars of the current regime in Russia. Russian propaganda claims that at least one in three people supports the United Russia party.
Dmitry Nizovtsev, a member of the team of opposition leader Alexei Navalny, decided to try to check this information and set up a small experiment. He put on the symbols of the United Russia party and went to ask ordinary passers-by if they were ready to sign for the nomination of United Russia deputies for the elections to the State Duma in 2021.
And it was enchanting. You can skip the video if you don’t understand Russian. The bottom line is that this experiment clearly shows that there can be no question of any support at 30%. Basically, people either do not speak to the activist at all, or give extremely negative comments. Such as:
“They must be shot”
“You are against pensioners”
“You are number 1 scammers”
“-Why do you not support United Russia?
-Do not want to talk
-I don’t want to use foul language ”
“United Russia does not justify itself”
Dmitry Nizovtsev also said that his wife saw his photo with the symbols of United Russia in social networks and said that he was more her husband. His mother also stated that he was no longer her son. (Of course it was a joke)
Later, they changed the question to passers-by, they tried to collect signatures stating that Vladimir Putin remained presidency until 2042. Some comments:
“No comments”
“Do not disgrace yourself”
“Are you crazy?”
I was especially impressed by the comment of a passer-by who introduced himself as a specialist in the field of engineering: “In Russia, 700 factories are closed every year, even if the senator wants to hang himself, the rope will certainly come from China.”
Later, activists said that they did not want to end the experiment until they collected 15 signatures, but they believe that for this it will be necessary to stand on the street until spring.
All the best!

Hope that they’ll add English subtitles

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