Lies of Russia’s COVID-19 statistics. How it all began

Imagine that this is Putin

I don’t need to list this evidence myself. Leonid Volkov, the chief of staff of the Russian politician Alexei Navalny, was able to catch and reveal the cheating mechanic used by Russian state statistical services six months ago. Today we just see the same methods that were used during the first wave of coronavirus.

Leonid Volkov

First, we’ll break down the building blocks of the lie – data from regions. They are obviously man-made, not natural. Let’s look at the data from Germany.

As you can see on the graph, there is always a fairly noticeable scatter from day to day due to many factors of life (weekends, holidays, testing in one village, then a few days later in another, etc.). In a graphic that is not falsified, we will not find a linear repetition of numbers. “Hold my beer” – said the Ryazan region and gave us THIS

And after it the same thing was given out by Kabardino-Balkaria, Krasnodar Territory, Lipetsk Region and others.

Mortality data. It will be useful here to look COVID-19 CRISIS: DEMOGRAPHER EXPOSES THE LIES OF RUSSIAN STATISTICS.

But why do they do this? It’s also simple. They began to count according to a falsifying method, but they simply cannot stop doing it, otherwise they will receive a surge in mortality, which will show openly that the spring data is falsified. On their basis, there was no effective lockdown in Russia, no help to citizens, no refusal to vote on amendments to the constitution that give Putin the opportunity to stay in power even longer. They simply say that other diseases are reasons of death of thousands people. Not COVID-19. For example, a patient with COVID-19 dies but has cardiovascular disease. The cause is called cardiovascular disease, not COVID-19. Even the person lived quite normal with it. And if a patient dies without other diseases? Then community-acquired pneumonia. Now you will see a photo of Alexander Beglov, Governor of the Leningrad Region. He reports on the surge of “community-acquired pneumonia”, which this year turned out to be (SUDDENLY!) 5 times more dangerous than the previous year.

Does this graph remind you of unfalsified data on the epidemic?

So what are the real numbers? According to the estimates of some territorial experts, the underestimation is approximately three times. In the Moscow region and Chelyabinsk, they gave the following attitude: 1 death due to COVID-19 versus 2 deaths from COVID-19-related diseases. That is, 3 instead of one. This is more or less looks like the truth, as it corresponds to the assumptions of the hero of COVID-19 CRISIS: DEMOGRAPHER EXPOSES THE LIES OF RUSSIAN STATISTICS. But the regions in the country are different, so the statistics had different degrees of falsification. For example, according to data from May 17, 2020, there were 13,697 cases in Dagestan. And just 29 deaths from the coronavirus. 0.2%! What to complain about? About the deaths from community-acquired pneumonia – 657 deaths. 5% looks a lot more like the truth, right? The case of this region became extraordinary not only because of the subsequent regional catastrophe, which I will mention later, but also because experts began to pay attention to the death rate of doctors. In Dagestan, for 29 deaths from coronavirus, 40 doctors died. 40, Carl! This clearly exposed the lies of statistics in the region.
In May, the mortality rate among Russian doctors reached 6.83%, while in the USA and Italy this figure was around 0.5%. 12-14 times more. I am afraid to apply this coefficient to the statistics of the dead or to the statistics of the infected.
It seems to me that we will never know neither the real exact number of cases, nor the real exact number of deaths. But one thing we know for sure, Russian statistics lied to us from the very beginning of the pandemic.

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